Photo Radar On Polish Roads

Things you should know about Photo Radar On Polish Road

An example of an obvious radar unit

Photo radar in Poland are used primarily in congested areas. But they are also used on open roads.

These speed camera units are, in some communities, supplemented with red light cameras.

You are most likely to see them used in what are designated as congested areas. What is congested is loosely interpreted and many times a congested area designation is made a few kilometers before reaching any habitation.

This loose interpretation has lead to a general attitude among Polish drivers to ignore the reduced speed limit until they think it absolutely necessary.

As a side note, as the Polish roads are being upgraded, areas designated as congested are being compressed.

You are cautioned to be at the speed limit by the time that you pass the congested area sign. The locals may know where the radar is but you may not. And since this is a money making effort, there is no mercy.

The video below shows you the signs and some examples of radar units. And it shows how they are hidden.

Yes they are out in the open. But they are so placed that they are effectively camouflaged.

If local cars suddenly slow to the speed limit, immediately do the same. Do not pass.

If they speed up, you are best to stay at the speed limit. You might find that there is a police unit down the road a bit that is there to catch the locals who are trying to game the system.

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