Pharmacies In Poland

Things you should know about pharmacies in Poland.

You soon note that pharmacies are quite easy to find in Poland. Because filling prescriptions and selling drugs is big business, particularly since the Polish Government subsidizes many of the medications, you find them “everywhere”.

Just look for the signs on the store fronts that say “Apteka”.

Though you will occasionally get lucky, do not expect English to be spoken.

A museum display of a prewar pharmacy.
A museum display of a prewar pharmacy.

Adherence to procedure is strict. If something requires a prescription, that prescription form has to be in the exact form required by law.

Service is fast and responses to questions are often curt. The emphasis is more on selling that communication and help.

Often, even if you walk from a doctor’s office with a prescription that you just received, you will be sent back to get it rewritten.

If you need a medication, it is best to go to one of the private clinics and get a prescription. Your hotel should be able to direct you to the proper people.


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