Park Sady

About the Old Orchard Park in Zoliborz, Warsaw. Poland.  The local name is Park Sady Żoliborskie

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The part, in addition to many classic fruit trees, has a children’s play area, and is nicely laid out with paths for walking which are liberally stocked with park benches.

The orchard is very old so the fruits are old breeds that you don’t find in the stores.  They are not sprayed. They are available for anyone to pick – free.

Some of the grassy areas are specifically set aside for picnics.  The remainder are for general use including walking dogs.

It is easily accessed by tram with the tram stop being appropriately named Park Sady. The park is a shot walk from the tram stop.

There is very limited parking near the park.

Here is a map to the park.

Here is a video presentation.

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