Meet People In Poland.

The most effective way to meet people in Poland is to work through the online meeting sites.

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Since you are visiting an English language site, we expect that you may prefer to meet people who are interested in those who speak English.

There is a large selection from which you can choose.  Because of this portals focus, which is tourism, culture and business,  we refer you to a special portal where you can find information targeted to Poland.

To go there, click on Meet People Online.

Now if you are “In Country”, here are a few tips.

Look to the coffee shops.  They are “everywhere.”

Look at Meetup. It is a place that you can meet like minded people.

Be very careful of the bars and discos.  VERY careful. Many a person has ended up broke after either going into the wrong place or getting caught by the wrong person.

There is big business out there focused on fleecing tourists. The operators are good at it. You will not beat them.

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