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Information about finding Polish importers for companies that want to export to Poland.

Container Ship
Container Ship

For the most part, many of the major Polish exporters are also importers. They import products and materials that they use in their own manufacturing processes.

Additionally, Poland imports many products from all over the world. It is an big market that many foreign companies have successfully tapped.

Here are some tips and hints on finding an importer for your products:

Polish companies use the internet the same way that you do. They use the search engines. And they use the local search engines. So if you want to be found by Polish companies, put your company in the Polish search engines and business directories. A submission in English is fine.

Chambers of Commerce serve their members. Embassies serve their countries. If you are not a member of a Chamber of Commerce, do not expect them to give you lists of importers or the even consider your offer. Contact your embassy for that information.

Polish companies use email just as you do. They filter out spam. So if you send them an offer by email, it is likely to be filtered.

In Poland, it is a criminal offense to send unsolicited email. Even if the law is not often invoked, take the law as a statement of the attitude of Polish companies toward spam. It does not make for good public relations.

Hire an agent in Poland to promote your products. Pay that agent’s expenses and a salary plus commission.

Advertise in selected Polish newspapers and trade publications.

Use an in country Polish translator to make sure that your advertisements and web pages are culturally sound.

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