Horse Care In Poland

50 km north-east of Warsaw, in a village of Kiciny there is a small farm. Situated on the edge of the forests the farm has meadows and pastures ideal for farm animals. You will see cows and goats grazing the pastures, but most of all you will see horses.


The owner of the farm, Tomasz Swiatek, is a passionate lover of horses and dogs. But he is not just a farmer, he is the only certified Strasser Hoofcare Professional in Poland. He treats horses with hoof diseases, primarily liminitis, commonly known as founder.

If a horse has recurrent lameness, abscesses, cracks, stiffness of gait or aversion to movement Tomasz is the person to turn to. His professional training, 20-year experience and passionate attitude towards animals resulted in many horses regaining their full health.

Tomasz travels all over Poland to other farms and small stables to treat the animals there once every few weeks.

Some horses which require intensive treatment more frequently are placed and treated on the farm. You can bring your horse to Tomasz’s farm and place in rehabilitation stable for the time necessary to bring the hooves back to health. Through out this time you can visit your horse after prior appointment.

And while you are at Tomasz’s farm you are welcome to buy eggs from free ranging hens and try cow and goat cheeses made by Tomasz’s wife Joanna.

To learn more about treating founder in horses go here:

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