Polish Name Days

About Polish Name  Days, also known as Nameday.

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Polish name days are extremely important for you to remember.

The importance of Polish name day cannot be overstated. In Poland you see the name days for the day posted on television, newspapers, websites, gift shops in flower shops and so on.

Respect for the Polish culture almost demands your focused attention on name days.

Name day celebrants expect calls, at least. If someone who is expected to call does not, you will often hear the a  celebrant question what happened.

Having access to a name day calendar is important. Brochures and business cards with name days attached are often found pasted inside cabinet doors or on walls and refrigerators.

You can find a name day calendar at this link.

Gifts are given on name days. But they are not necessary. Most important is that you show that you remember and make a phone call.

Roses are the default gift. One good reason is that, when bought locally, they are relatively inexpensive and fit the occasion. One or two roses is enough because they show that you remembered.

Name day celebrations take different forms. Some people give lavish parties. Others have quiet family gatherings. Regardless of form, the celebrant is normally subjected to a raucous, but friendly, rendition of the song “Sto Lat”. (In large apartment complexes, during the summer when the windows are open, you are likely to hear that song each night.)

In large company offices every day there will be someone with a name day to celebrate. In order to maintain some ability to get work done, such companies often designate one day a week, or month, as the day on which name day celebrations can be held in the office.

You can also find that we have posted a name day calendar at this link. Go to name day calendar.

Be sure to bookmark the name day calendar. Go here and add it to your favorites.

Most Popular Nameday Gifts

FlowersWine Coffee And Chocolate For MenAmber Jewelry
Gift Baskets

Business Gifts
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