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The Nazi Death Camp Auschwitz, located is Oswiecim, Poland, is one of the most visited locations in Poland. Unfortunately it is rather difficult to get to in that there are no direct rail connections and travel is generally via Krakow where one transfers to train or bus.

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Detailed Information About Auschwitz Travel And Tours

Auschwitz Location

The Nazi Death Camp Auschwitz is located in Oswiecim Poland.

About Oswiecim, Poland

This page gives you information about the City of Oswiecim, Poland that is the location of Nazi Death Camp Auschwitz. It covers all aspects the City of Oswiecim and of Auschwitz

Auschwitz Trip Preparation

This page will give you some basic help with preparing for you trip to Auschwitz. It should answer most of your questions.

How To Get To Auschwitz

How to get to Auschwitz from any location.

Best Way To Get To Auschwitz

Generally getting to Auschwitz for the foreign traveler entails going through Krakow. If you look at the map showing Auschwitz in relation to Krakow you can see why that is the case.

Auschwitz – Where To Stay

Discusses where to stay and how to find the costs of the various locations.

Tours Of Auschwitz

You may tour the grounds of the of Auschwitz camp on your own or you may choose to take a group tour or private tour of the Auschwitz camp.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

This page has information on Auschwitz tours, how to get to the Auschwitz Camp and where to stay.. Here you can get complete travel help for individuals and groups to travel to Auschwitz in particular or to Poland in general.

Auschwitz Tours

To get personal help on anything related to your visit to Poland, you may 1) send us details in email and we will respond by email or phone, 2) call us free using Skype, 3) call us in the United States, or 4) call us in Warsaw, Poland. Our Skype ID is polcham. If you do not know how to make free long distance and international phone calls, you are invited to look at the information in this link called About Making Free Telephone Calls To Poland

Auschwitz History

This Auschwitz History page discusses various aspects of Auschwitz History as related to the Jewish History in Auschwitz. Jewish history in Auschwitz is long and deep, but unfortunately that history has been marred by the invasion of the Germans and use of Auschwitz as a work and death camp. Auschwitz history is presented here to give you the basic history of Auschwitz to really understand the City of Auschwitz.

Death Camps In Europe

Death camp has come to be synonymous with the Holocaust. There were many death camps in Europe. Perhaps the most infamous, is Auschwitz located in Oswiecim.

Auschwitz Main Information Page

You get complete information about Auschwitz and direct contact to Auschwitz tour and travel services in Poland in this page.

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