Amber Beads

Amber Beads

Complete information about beads made from Baltic Amber – Natural.

Amber beads come in many forms with the form usually dictated by the method used to shape the bead from a raw amber stone.

Craft beads, such as those used to make teething necklaces, are generally formed in a tumbler. That process results in amber, unchanged, but for the removal of the bark. The final finish can be a high polish or a burnished surface.

Larger beads are either individually cut, press formed from two stones, press formed from small chips or press formed from powder.

Individually cut beads normally range in diameters 7mm to 12mm. They can be made larger, but, because of the difficulties in doing so, they are expensive. EXPENSIVE, EXPENSIVE. The way Natural Baltic Amber is formed causes a big amount of waste during the cutting process. And finding the proper amber to cut is difficult. When found, it is expensive.

Almost everyone asks for individually cut beads. But when they note the costs, they settle on beads pressed from two stones or small chips. These beads are difficult to distinguish from the cut stones and are often sold by unscrupulous sellers as cut beads.

Beads made from powders are usually found in low cost bracelets and prayer beads.

There is a large craft beads on Etsy at this link. PolandsBest Etsy Beads

The cut and pressed beads are made to order. Why? There are too many sizes and colors for anyone to be able to keep a reliable inventory. For these beads, go here and contact them with your request for quotation. Click on PolandsBest Baltic Amber



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