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About Taxi Cabs in Warsaw Poland

Things you should know about taxi cabs in Warsaw, Poland.

There are three taxi cab categories. There are corporate taxicabs, hotel taxicabs and the Independent taxi cabs.

At the Warsaw airport only certain approved taxicab operators are allowed to offer services to passengers arriving at the Warsaw airport. They are corporate taxi cab operators. Information about using them is at How To Get To Warsaw From The Warsaw Airport By Taxi Cab

Corporate taxicabs are taxicabs that are members of a corporate fleet. You can distinguish a corporate taxi cab by the sign on the top of the car and the telephone number that is on the sign.

Corporate taxicabs are the preferred cabs used by people who know Warsaw. Fleet operators police their driver’s quite well and you can be fairly well assured to get good service.


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Some of these can be extremely expensive. Call for a corporate taxi.


Some hotels contract with cab operators and provide special cab services for their guests.

These taxicabs pick up passengers only at the front door of hotels.

Because they do not pick up passengers anywhere else in the city to offset return costs, when you use a hotel tax cab you pay twice the normal rate that would pay with a corporate cab. That is because you pay the cost for the cab to leave the hotel and go to your destination as well as the cost of the cab to return from your destination to the hotel.

Hotel taxicabs generally give the highest quality service of all the cab services available.

Independent cab operators are generally distinguished by what they lack. What they lack is a telephone number on top of the car.

Most people in Warsaw avoid the independent cab operators. Overcharging is common.

The independent operators can be generally found around the Warsaw Poland Old Town and the Warsaw Central Train Station where it is easy for them to find unsuspecting tourists.

Taxicab’s have a meter with an accompanying registered that allows you to get a printed receipt. When you get into a cab always tell the driver that you would like a receipt at your destination. Among other things this will alert the operator that when he parks to drop you off he should park in a safe place where he can take that few extra seconds to give you a receipt.

By law, taxi cab rates are posted in the window of a car by law. Generally these rates are reliable but you will find that in some cases you may end up paying more.

The taxicab rates that you see in the window apply to the district in which the cab of its operating. Around Warsaw there is there is a boundary where the cab rate is doubled for the time that you cross the boundary. When you return to Warsaw and cross that boundary again, the rate goes back to the normal level.

There are signs posted on the roads that mark the boundary line. But you will only probably notice the rate change when your driver reaches to the meter to make the change.

Not all cabdrivers in Warsaw speak a second language.

If you arrive at the Warsaw airport you will find that there are service desks for the approved taxi cab companies for the Warsaw or airport. The people at these desks speak several languages. Go to the desk and order a cab safely. Order How To Get To Warsaw From The Warsaw Airport By Taxi Cab

When you’re at your hotel ask the hotel to call a cab for you. They will generally pick their favorite cab company and you can be fairly well assured that you will get good service.

If you are away from the hotel and want to get a cab, ask someone Polish to call a cab for you. Restaurants, pubs, shops and most businesses establishments are used to this request and they will generally call a reliable cab company for you.

Warsaw Taxi
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