Warsaw Bus 175

About travel safety on Warsaw Bus 175 to and from the Okecie Airport.

This is information for tourists coming to Warsaw, Poland and who are not familiar with how to use the bus system in Poland. And since their first exposure to a bus is likely to be Bus 175, this page discusses bus 175. The principles learned here can be applied when using any other bus in Warsaw, Poland.

Travel Safety


In Warsaw, Poland, buses are identified by the lines that they serve and the type service that they render.

The most basic and local service is a bus with a black number. Buses with a red number are fast buses that do not stop at all bus stands on the route that they follow.

Bus 175 at the Warsaw Airport
Bus 175
At The Airport

Warsaw, Poland Bus 175 carries a black number and a black reputation.

Bus 175 starts its route at the Warsaw Airport and proceeds through the main part of the Warsaw Centrum. It goes directly from the Warsaw Airport and passes key locations in Warsaw. It passes the Sobieski Hotel, the Amber Center, The Warsaw Marriott Hotel, The Warsaw Central Train Station, The Warsaw Novotel, and then proceeds down the most exclusive shopping area Warsaw to the Warsaw Old Town.

It is a very convenient bus to take from the Warsaw Airport to the Warsaw Centrum. And it is a very convenient bus to take when you are traveling in the Warsaw Centrum.

Pickpockets and thieves know this and they ride this Warsaw Bus 175 as the bus of choice. Not only do they target tourists, they target the locals.

Warsaw Bus 175 can get very crowded. It may leave the airport relatively empty, but as it travels on its route, it fills. And by the time it is at the Warsaw Central Train Station it is generally shoulder to back filled.

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Thieves often work in teams. Some work as loners, but most often there are three or more. v Thieves get on Bus 175 at the airport. They pick their targets at that point and wait for the bus to get crowded. As people push, they manage to get next to the marks and get their hands into purses and pockets.

Another technique is to create a diversion. A group or one person may push you from behind or the side and another makes the grab while the mark is diverted into protecting himself. In some cases they are so brazen that they surround someone, one person grabs the valuables and jumps off the bus while the others prevent the victim from doing anything.

Getting on and off the bus is also a time that they act. One will get in front of you and slow you down while one will shove from behind and another will empty your pockets.

Then there is the plastic bag or newspaper over the arm trick. The thief will drape a plastic bag or newspaper over his arm and work up next to your handbag. He will then use it to hide his other hand that he used to open your bag and empty it.

Warsaw Bus Hints

Look around you at the bus stop. You can often spot people who are looking at you and sizing you up for a theft. Avoid them. But also look in the opposite direction. You may have picked out the diversion group and the thief may be on the other side of you.

Think twice about getting on a crowded bus or getting on a bus in a crowd when you may be pushed from behind.

Avoid groups of young men.

Avoid anyone with an empty plastic bag or newspaper carried on the forearm.

If there is sudden shouting, pushing or shoving, hold on to your valuables more tightly.

Warsaw Bus 175 is a convenient bus to take. That is why it is most always crowded.

As long as you stay aware of what is going on around you, you will be fine.

From the airport you may also take the local train. It stops at only one location in the Centrum so it is, in some ways not as convenient. But it is also as inexpensive as the bus. And it is not as crowded. Here is a link to the page that gives information about that train. Warsaw Airport Train Transfer

You can take a cab. Cabs at the airport are regulated. They can be expensive.

For information about getting tickets and paying for your ride on Bus 175, go to this link on Warsaw Public Transportation Tickets. Buying Tickets And Using Them On Trams, The Metro And Buses

Warsaw Bus 175
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