Warsaw Airport Train Transfer

Things you should know about getting the the Warsaw City Center And Train Station from the Warsaw Airport.

About the train connection between the Warsaw Chopin Airport and the City Center.

There are three trains that run between the Warsaw airport and the Warsaw city center. The trains all have the same beginning point, which is the Warsaw Airport, but they are operated by two different train lines and their end point destinations and stops along the way differ. And of note, and you have to be very careful of this, even the same train line with the same endpoint will not always stop at the Central Train Station.

Commuter Train

Some of the train stop at the Warsaw Central Station and some stop at the Warsaw Central commuter station. Information about each of these stations is located at the links referenced.

Below is a video showing a train ride from the airport via the Warsaw Central commuter station to the Polish National Stadium.

The ride from the airport to the city center takes about 25 minutes.



Warsaw Airport Train Transfer
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