Tincture Of Amber Recipe

Tincture Of Amber Recipe

The benefits of amber tinctures, how to use them and an authentic recipe for a tincture.

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This is an old Polish recipe for tincture of amber. According to Polish history, and recently confirmed by science, amber is a natural medicine that helps fight both bacterial and viral infections. It is said to do many things inclucing the reduction of blood pressure, improving the digestion of greasy foods, calming the nerves, soothing pain, improving healing and strengthening your immune system

Many believe that amber keeps you young and slows the development of wrinkles. In fact, research has shown it to be an effective anti-aging compound.

Acutally, in the 12 th century, when all medicines were natural, it was declared the most effective medicine that there was. See Amber Cures. And See Benefits Of Amber for a full discussion of what amber can do for you.

Making the Tincture

Here is a recipe that has been passed down through one families line. It is passed to you for your own research.

Crush 15 grams of amber chips in a mortar. Get chips here.

Add it to 250 ml of vodka.

Store the vodka for 10 days in a warm dark place. Be sure to shake it at least one a day.

After 10 days, more is better, the tincture is ready. You do not have to decant or filter it. You just pour off what you need. When it is almost all used, crush the amber again and start a new batch.

Use of the Tincture

For Adults

1 st day – 1 drop
2 nd day – 2 drops
and so on until the 10 th day.

11 th day – 10 drops
12 th day – 9 drops
and so on until the 20 th day.

Take 10 days off and then start again.

For Children

Go only to 5 drops.

We have only folklore to go on about this recipe’s effectiveness. All we can say is that amber chips are sold all over Poland to people who use their own variants of recipes like this.

It is important to note that this information applies only to Amber from the Baltic regions of Europe. That is because the active medicinal ingredient in Amber is succinic acid – hence the medieval name for amber as succinium. Natural Baltic Amber contains the highest concentration of succinic acid and that is why it is chosen by Chinese medicine makers in spite of its comparatively high price relative to cheap Chinese ambers and ambers from other parts of the world.


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Here are videos about Amber.



Tincture Of Amber Recipe
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