Pierogi Filling Recipes

Pierogi Filling Recipes

A collection of pierogi fillings and how to make them.

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The distinguishing thing about pierogi is the filling. People eat pierogi for the filling and not the dough. So it is important that you pay a great you with attention to your fillings.

Potato Filling For Pierogi
Potato Filling

In this page we give tips and hints about making pierogi fillings such as the potato filling at the right.

For direct access to several videos showing you how to make pierogi fillings along with pierogi filling recipes, click on Pierogi.

At that link you will find everything about  making pierogi including the dough, the fillings, and garnishes plus much much more.

Pierogi fillings are broken down into two general classes. They are the savory fillings and the sweet fillings.

The savory fillings includes that ever popular Russian pierogi potato, cheese and onion filling, cabbage and mushrooms, cheese, meat fillings and fish fillings.

The sweet fillings typically are made from blueberries, cherries, and strawberries. But there are many many more and they are also listed at this link pierogi.

When making a sweet filling you will often have a problem with the filling being rather wet. You can avoid this by eliminating the sugar from the mix. Replace it with stevia. Stevia does not draw the sugar from the fruit the way sugar does. And then add some potato starch, cornstarch or arrowroot to thicken the filling.

It is important that the filling be stiff. This applies to both the savory as well as a sweet fillings. You cannot have them leaking liquids or else the pierogi seal will break.

Additionally if the filling is step you can better control the amount of filling that you put into the pierogi and you can better distributed within the pierogi.

When you make fillings, make them a day or two before you make the pierogi. This avoids the problem of running between the filling and the pierogi. It makes it so much easier to finish cook and serve the pierogi.

When you have leftovers, look at them thinking about how you can turn them into a pierogi filling. Leftover potatoes can be mixed with cheeses, meats, fish and vegetables to make fine pierogi.

Leftover meats when turned into a pierogi filling suddenly transform themselves from being leftovers to a succulent savory filling.

Why this happens and a lot more about what happens to those when you add other ingredients is covered in the book everything about pierogi. You can get that here.

Here are a couple videos that show you how to make the dough and to add the filling.

This video shows a simple way to add the filling to the Pierogi.

We have many more tips and hints on making pierogi in the pierogi cookbook called mastering pierogi. You can find that at this link appropriately called Mastering Pierogi.

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