Poland Corona Virus Update 17 March 2020

This is a daily update of information about coronavirus in Poland.


A drug produced by a Polish pharmaceutical company has turned out to be useful in the treatment of viral pneumonia caused by coronavirus infections, according to Polish health authorities.

For now, the drug, Arachin, will only be available in hospitals.


The Polish council responsible for recommending drugs for treatment of specific illnesses approved Arachin on March 13 for use on coronavirus patients nationwide. The drug is produced by Adamed Pharma.

The drug contains chloroquine (chloroquini phosphas), originally prescribed for treating malaria and rheumatic fever, which testing has shown is also useful for treating the coronavirus family of viruses.



74 year old woman recovering from COVD-19 after being treated by the recently approved Arachin drug.


A 1 ½ year old child has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  She was admitted to a hospital after falling 3 stories from an apartment balcony.  The balcony door was opened by her 5 year old brother.  The father was in another room and the mother asleep. The father had been In contact with someone from abroad. She is in serious condition as a result of the fall.


Deliveries by Polish post two addresses outside Poland are not being made because of the restrictions on outbound flights placed by the Polish government. Deliveries by the major international Courier services continue because they have their own aircraft which are not subject to these restrictions.


Polish scientists have found a possible : COVID-19 cure.

The scientists found an enzyme inhibitor which destroys the virus’ proteins and hence destroys it. The study conducted by the team from Wroclaw could constitute a basis for the COVID-19 cure. The enzyme is unique and not found in people, meaning that the potential cure would not negatively affect the patient.  Information can be found at https://polandin.com/47135135/polish-scientist-makes-possible-breakthrough-for-coronavirus-treatment.


People who have symptoms for COVID-19 are not placed in infectious disease wards unless they can show that they were in contact with someone with COVID-19.


Expats have positive opinions about the way that the Polish government has been managing the coronavirus crisis,


New measures imposed in face of the coronavirus epidemic will not hinder supplies of goods to Poland, Infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk said during the press conference held on Monday.

He added that the new laws will not impede supply or logistics chains and that no special procedures were foreseen for international truck drivers aside from temperature checks at border crossings.


In an attempt to minimise the spread of COVID-19, the Polish government has ordered a 10-day border lockdown, which is effective as of midnight Saturday. Foreigners are not allowed to cross the Polish frontier until further notice, with the exception of those who work in Poland. They will be put in a 14-day quarantine.

A 14-day-long state of epidemic threat has been in force as of Saturday and includes controls on the country’s borders, as well as numerous restrictions imposed on services such as pubs and shopping malls.

Schools, at all levels of education, as well as museums, cinemas and theatres, have been closed since Thursday. Supermarkets, pharmacies, and laundries, however, are exceptions and are not closed.

Mass gatherings are limited to a maximum of 50 people.

Wherever feasible, employers are encouraged to approve remote working and Poles are asked to stay at home as much as possible.   https://polandin.com/47156007/coronavirus-cases-count-rises-to-205-5th-fatality-in-poland


An opinion poll made by the pollster IBSP for Wirtualna Polska shows that a majority of Poles think that the government has handled the global coronavirus outbreak well.

57% of the respondents assessed the government’s actions in a positive light. The measures taken include closing down all schools, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, gyms and libraries. Mass events such as football matches or music concerts have also been suspended.  more at https://polandin.com/47148190/poles-pleased-with-the-governments-response-to-the-coronavirus


Poland Corona Virus Update 17 March 2020
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