Intercity Travel In Poland

ICC or InterCity Train

Things you should know about intercity train travel in Poland and how to buy tickets.

Questions about how it is best to do intercity travel in Poland are common. Should one travel by car, bus or train? And why?

For most tourists, and anyone not thoroughly familiar with the Polish roads, travel by train is generally best. That is, for travel on the main corridors between the larger Polish cities.

Driving the Polish roads is simply dangerous. The death rate is high. That is not so much as a result of the roads themselves, but more a result of the attitude of the drivers. You can find information about driving the Polish roads in this site.

You can take a bus to almost all points in Poland. Where there is not a stop in a very small villiage, at least you can get close to it.

The biggest problem that a tourist will have with bus travel is typically getting tickets and getting on the right bus. It can be difficult at best. And brutal at its worst.

In many cases there are no seat reservations. So it is push and shove to get a seat. That can, and does, lead to some very unpleasant experiences.

There are some good bus routes, however. And in some cases it may be necessary to take a bus. It is best to check at your hotel for information about available buses and to get their recommendations.

For travel between cities such as Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, and others, the InterCity Trains are recommended. The service is excellent, you can buy tickets online, you can get help in English and travel is fast. If you are traveling with children, or have no command of Polish at all, this is definitely your best choice.

You can buy tickets here. Train Tickets


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