Italian Recipe Spinach Ricotta Filling

Italian Recipe – Spinach Ricotta Filling

A vesatile spinach ricotta filling for italian food.

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Use this filling in large shells, lasagne and manicotti. If you leave out the eggs, serve it cold as a dip. You will find complete recipes for each of these, and much more, elsewhere in this site. Just use the search box above.

Use fresh or frozen spinach. If you use the frozen version, drain it and squeeze it to get the water out so your cheese mix does not end up too thin.

The eggs are added as a binder. They are not necessary ingredients.

750 grams Ricotta cheese, 2 eggs, spinach, 1 cup parmesan, nutmeg, salt pepper.

I have not provided a quantity for the spinach for a reason. Put as much or as little as you like for the way you will use the filling. A 450 gram package of frozen spinach is much more than enough for a typical mix. Actually you are likely to use much less.

Just nicely mix the ingredients until they are blended. And use as you wish.

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Italian Recipe Spinach Ricotta Filling
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