How To Make Polish Sausage

How To Make Polish Sausage

A video and recipe about how to make Polish sausage.

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Homemade polish Sausage
Homemade polish Sausage

This recipe for Polish sausage, or kielbasa, is one of several. Likewise, the video is one of several that we have related to making kielbasa and other Polish foods.

The spicing for Polish sausage is as varied as the people who make it. It varies with the region of the country and with the people who make it.

Here is a basic recipe. For one kilogram of pork add 3 large cloves of garlic, 1 teaspoon of sale, one teaspoons of pepper and one teaspoon of marjoram. You can get other recipes at Polish Cookbooks.

This is simple and lends itself to making small amounts of sausage at one time. In fact, we tend to make no more than a kilogram at a time. That way we don’t keep the freezer full.


Here are other Polish Recipes,


How To Make Polish Sausage
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