How To Get To Arkadia Shopping Mall

Directions to the Arkakia shopping mall in Warsaw, Poland plus transportation information.

The Arkadia Shopping Mall is a major shopping and social center in Warsaw. There is a movie theatre, food court, restaurants, building supply, supermarket, fitness center as well as shops.

Arkadia Shopping Mall

It is one of Warsaw’s most popular shopping and gathering places. More information about the mall is at these links.

Arkadia 1 – Important details.

Arkadia 2 – Details plus a video of the mall.

It is located in Northern Warsaw in the Zoliborz District at Rondo Radoslawa.

If you take public transportation, your goal is to get to the Rondo Radoslawa. Just look at the schedules for buses and trams.

It is very easy to get to the Arkadia shopping mall.

The mall is located at a major automobile and tram traffic junction. Virtually all trams that operate somewhere in the Northern parts of Warsaw pass through that junction. And the three major city roads heading north in Warsaw intersected at the rondo at which the Arkadia shopping mall is located.

It is also located about a 1 km distance from the Dworzec Gdanski Metro station.

Access by car is very easy and very popular. The mall has a very large parking garage. That parking garage is used by people who shop at the mall and, during the week, people commuting to the center of Warsaw. They park at the mall and take one of the trams from the Rondo to the Centrum.

If you are a tourist Warsaw, the easiest way to find the most convenient tram to get to the Arkadia Mall is to ask someone at the hotel information desk or at one of the many restaurants that you will find. Virtually everyone in Warsaw can tell you which tram is most convenient for you to take from that location.

Trams are very comfortable. They are modern with excellent atmospheric control. And you cannot miss the station at which you get off to go to the mall. For one thing, your tram will virtually empty at the rondo as people change to take other trams out of Warsaw or go to the mall itself. And the Mall is so large you cannot miss seeing it.

Of course you can go by Taxi cab. But there’s no need, really, to expend the extra money when the public transportation is so good in the form of the trams.

You could take a bus, but that is the least popular way.

Local people, meeting Warsaw residents, also get there by bike. They either take their own bike, or rent one using the Veturilo Bike Rental System. And since they can use that system without having to pay for first 20 minute ride, is really a preferred mode of transportation. They can drop off the bike at the mall and forget it. Read about that bike rental system here.

First and foremost, though, ask for help at your hotel or a restaurant. The people there will give you tram numbers, bus numbers, tell you where to board them and are likely to help you get a cab if you want one.

Everyone goes to that mall and everyone knows how to get there.



How To Get To Arkadia Shopping Mall
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