Name Day

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About Polish name day and how people congratulate the celebrant.

Name Days Celebrations And Customs

To Polish people their name day is more important than their birthday. Celebration of the name day is the most important celebration for any individual Polish person.

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Name day celebration is so popular that it is common for Polish people to celebrate the name days of those who are not Roman Catholic.

On each day of the year the Roman Catholic Church celebrates a saint. The names of the Saints are listed on the calendars in Poland. People whose names are the same as the names of the saint whose name is being celebrated on that day have their name day. A convenient name day calendar is here at Polish Name Day Calendar.

Name day celebrations can be very simple. Likewise, they can be the reason for very large family gatherings and parties.

It is the name day celebrant who is expected to put out cake, cookies and drink and to invite people to the name day party. In offices the celebrations are generally rather simple. But when families gather, the name day celebration turns into a major family dinner at which the person honored is the host or hostess.

In the offices in Poland, people remember name days by gathering together and purchasing a small gift or flowers to be given to the name day celebrant. Of course, name days are recognized by many by simple individual gifts of flowers or candy individually delivered or delivered by courier or mail.

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In larger organizations name days are celebrated en mass once a week or once a month because the number of people in the organization is such that there would be constant breaks from work as name days would be celebrated.

The name day is so important in Poland that work calendars and wall calendars generally show the name days. The name days are posted on Internet web sites, listed on television news programs and weather forecasts.

You just do not miss a person’s name day. You may miss their birthday without embarrassment but if you miss their name day you will have committed an embarrassing social error.

Because it is not always possible to visit a person on their name day or to visit all the people that you know are celebrating their name day on the same day, it is acceptable and common call that person and wish them all the best.

Some people keep a special calendar in which the name days are entered and the phone numbers of all those people that they know who celebrate that particular name day. So on that day they spend time on the phone calling and congratulating people and giving them best wishes.

In business circles it is important to remember name days. Companies assign one assistant to keep track of all the name days, buy and send flowers and to place calls for executives or to remind them to make personal calls to name days celebrates.


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