Hand Made Polish Linen

Handmade Polish Linen

About handmade Polish linen and how to get it directly from Poland.

All over the world it is recognized that linen from Poland is the highest quality linen. And handmade Polish linen is probably the best handmade linen in the world. Handmade Polish linen from Poland is the choice of linen collectors.

Handmade Polish Linen
Handmade Polish Linen

There are generally two types of hand made Polish linen to be found in Poland. There is that in made Polish linen that one finds in the countryside and that is sold to the local Polish population for decoration in their own homes. This hand made Polish linen reflects the style and preferences of the region from which the person who makes the hand made linen comes.

Then there is the hand made Polish linen that is made to satisfy the tourist market. And this linen will vary in design according to the region of Poland to which the tourists are coming. For example you will find different Polish hand made linen offered in the city of Krakow Poland as compared to the hand made linen offer to tourists in Gdansk Poland.

Hand made linen is hand made by Polish women in their homes and not made in factories. When they sell it they sell it at one price. They do not give quantity discounts. Sometimes they will negotiate a discount with an individual buyer but they do not give quantity discounts for wholesale purchases.

There are some cooperatives that by the linen from these people and sell it. The retail price and wholesale price from these cooperatives is generally the same. They generally do not give quantity discounts.

Hand made linen is sold in large quantities to tourists in Poland directly by the women who make the linen or those who work with them to put it on the market in the tourist areas.

Some people make arrangements with women who manufacture produce hand made linen and by linen from those people to be imported to their own country for sale in their own shops. Some purchase from many women and wholesale the product to high-quality gifts shops.

Hand made Polish linen is a high-quality product and the price for the hand made Polish linen reflects the work, effort, and artistic capability of the maker. Practically speaking, there is no such thing as low-cost hand made Polish linen.

Handmade Polish Linen On Display
Handmade Polish Linen On Display

The prices of the hand made Polish linen also vary as to where and to whom it is being sold. The local Polish market cannot support a high price for linen products. So hand a Polish linen sold to local Polish people is generally priced lower than it is when it is sold into the tourist market. But one must also remember that this is qualified by saying that the type product sold into the tourist market often varies significantly with the type product that is sold into local market. So the amount of work and artistic work that goes into something sold in each area is significantly different.

Most people who make hand made Polish women linen do not have catalogs. And they do not have business cards and they do not have brochures. Many of them do not even have a company and sell their products in the grey market.

If you come to Poland you can find hand made Polish women linen in the tourist areas. To get the best prices on hand a Polish linen, however, you have to go to the local markets and outdoor events where you will find small stands at which the Polish women have a collection of their work for sale.

Do not expect wholesale prices. You may be able to negotiate a discount, but since everything is done by hand, there is no room for wholesale, in other words, large quantity pricing.

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