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Map Of Poland

If you are going to travel in Poland, investing in a GPS map can be quite rewarding and, as a matter of fact, make your trip more enjoyable.

The roads in Poland are a bit difficult, to say the least, to navigate. And given the aggressiveness and lack of patience exhibited by many Polish drivers, it is best to know where you are going so you can concentrate more on driving than on navigating.

Most cars in Poland use GPS navigation one way or another.

The majority use their phones attached in holders connected to the car dashboard.

Some use map systems built into the cars.

And then there are the external devices that are easily purchased online.

Based on our experience in traveling around Poland and Europe, we prefer an external device. They show speed limits, among other things, that make it much easier to drive on unfamiliar roads.

We recommend strongly that if you coming to Poland by car, get a system such as TomTom.


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