Flock Box Poland

About a high quality DIY flock box that you can make with materials from Poland.

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Below is a video that shows how this flockbox is made.

The flockbox utilizes an anion generator that one can purchase individually or as part of the kit for a static grass applicator.

The kit is made in Poland and has been used successfully around the world to make high performance static grass applicators. The flockbox is actually an add-on feature for the StaticGrassKing static grass applicator.

You can read information about each of these at these links

Anion Generator

Read about the generator that you can use to make your flock box here.

Buy the negative ion generator for your flock box here.

Information about the StaticGrassKing static grass applicator is at

StaticGrassKing Static Grass Applicator Kit

Read about the kit to make a power unit for your flock box and that also can be used for a static grass applicator at this link.

Buy it here.

This flockbox is versatile in that you can use common kitchen items for the box itself. The hope that is temporary so you do not have to make extra storage space for another piece of equipment.

You can use any electrostatically responsive flock including static grass.

For full information about the flockbox, watch this video.








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