Flea Market Warsaw

Information, including a video, about the active fleamarket in Warsaw that is open every Sunday all year round.

Open on Sunday mornings, all year round, the Flea Market at Park Moczydlo, Warsaw, Poland attracts thousands of people looking for bargains.

flea market warsaw

Park Moczydlo is located at the intersection of Gorczewska and Al. Prymasa Tysianclecia.

Parking can be difficult, but it is available. Many people come by bus.

Admission for for buyers is free. For sellers, space can be rented within the confines of the market at costs that vary with the type display and area one chooses to display.

This is the only “true” organized flea market in Warsaw. There is an outdoor antique market, also open on Sunday mornings, a few kilometers away in Kolo. That is smaller and is more focused on collectibles. Information about that is at Outdoor Antique Market.

One can buy everything from household items, including food, to tools. You can buy new and used.

Many people try to set up places to sell outside the fences around the market. Police generally try to move them on so that access to the paid stands and blanket areas is clear.

This video will give you a sense of the flavor of what is there and what it is like to visit.


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Also do be sure to look at the information about the outdoor antique market in Warsaw that is open on weekends weather permitting.

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