Euro Poland

The Euro In Poland

About how to use the Euro when you travel in Poland and how to get the best exchange rates for the Euro.

Polish Zloty

Even though Poland, a member of the European Union, has not adopted the Euro and continues to use its own currency, the Zloty, the Euro is freely used throughout the country.

Poland is obligated, by reason of the terms of membership in the European Union, to adopt the Euro. But as to when that happens is a matter of conjecture. Currently the government has no desire to make the adoption.

Travelers to Poland find that businesses that cater to tourists and foreign customers freely accept the Euro. Some businesses, particularly those on the border of Germany, post the daily Euro exchange rate so that people are able to make their own quick calculations.

The situation is different in the small towns and countryside where people are not used to serving travelers. When you go to such outlying regions you will do best to convert your Euro to zloty. That can be done at one of the many money exchange outlets that are known as KANTOR. You can find information about how a KANTOR works at this link called How To Exchange Money In Poland.

The exchange rate for the Euro to the Zloty is fixed by the National Bank of Poland. You can check the daily exchange rate for the Euro and all other currencies by going to the National Bank of Poland web site page that you find when you click on National Bank of Poland daily exchange rates.

You can also find a special service that allows you to convert a specific amount of any currency to Polish Zloty by going to this link called Currency Conversion.

Exchange rates offered by businesses, hotels and KANTOR can vary significantly from each other and they can vary significantly from that quoted by the National Bank. You will find that most often it is best to exchange your money at a Kantor.

As a helpful hint, you can also get zloty from any of the Bankomats that are all over Poland. When you come to Poland, they provide you a safe way to protect your money. You do not have to carry a lot of cash. You can withdraw just that number of Zloty that you need so you will not end up with a pocket full of money that you have to spend or convert again when you leave Poland.


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