Hala Gwardii

Visit Hala Gwardi for good food and much, much more.

Hala Gwardi is located in a prewar building that has been used for everything from a rifle range for training students in home defense to a boxing stadium. Now Thursday through Sunday families and groups come to enjoy good food, great desserts, craft beers and fine wines.

The place is somewhat like an open air market located in a big building that you won’t find unless you are directed there. Though not far from Rondo ONZ in Warsaw, you won’t find tourists there either.

Along the edges of the hall there are small stands where you can get steaks, soups, and a selection of international foods. The operators are generally larger restaurants in Warsaw that run these satellite to cater to the crowds interested in good food in a relaxed atmosphere.

In the center of the hall you find health foods, fish, local delicacies, and local goods.

Here are some pictures. They were taken on a cold rainy day that kept most people home. It definitely does get crowded with all the tables filled.

gwardi hall sign gwardi hall view businesses around the edge
gwardii stands gwardii small businesses gwardii bread stand
gwardii fruits gwardii spices

Below is a map to help you find it.


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