Cheesecake Shop Warsaw

There are cheesecakes and there are cheesecakes.  And then there are those memorable cheesecakes at the small shop in Warsaw Poland, called Cheesecakecorner.

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It really is a corner. It is very small with seating on stools for eight people.

Despite its size, it has a very good business. Most of the business is takeout.

The local food delivery couriers are frequent visitors picking up orders to be delivered to homes and offices around Warsaw.

They have a very wide selection of absolutely wonderfully well done cheesecakes.

You can buy by the piece or do as very many people do, buy half and full cakes to takeout.

As my wife and I visit coffee and dessert shops around Warsaw, this is one to which we often return. That is, of course when we can afford the calories.

But if you’re a cheesecake lover, calories often are not a deterrent.

cheesecake corner from Nowy Swiat
View From ul. Nowy Swiat
blueberry cheesecake
Blueberry Cheesecake
chocolate chip cheese mousse
Chocolate Chip Cheese Mousse
cheesecake case
Cheesecake Case
cheesecake mousse case
Cheese Mousse Case
cheesecake corner seating

The map below will help you find it.

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