Polish Restaurants

Restaurants in Warsaw

Things that you should know about restaurants in Warsaw.

Restaurants in Warsaw generally fall into two categories. They are those that target foreign tourists and those that do not target any particular group.


Warsaw side street
Great restaurants can be found on the side streets of Warsaw.

Tourists flock to the dedicated pierogi restaurants. Their second choice are restaurants that serve all sorts of Polish food.

These restaurants are generally found in the high tourist traffic areas, namely the New And Old Towns on up through Nowy Swiat to A. Jerozolimskie.

In these same areas and throughout Warsaw in general you find a fantastic collection of street food, fast food, ethnic and specialty restaurants. Not to mention many places serving desserts and cakes.

Many of the favorites of people who know Warsaw are located outside the Centrum. We have listed some of them in the Category Eating Out that you find in the Table Of Contents. Go there for complete information.

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