About Polish Hand Made Crystal

About Polish hand made crystal and art crystal in Poland and how to buy wholesale.

polish crystal
Handmade Polish Colored Crystal

Polish crystal is some of the most famous crystal in the world. The Russian Tsars favored Polish crystal and the works of art created by Polish crystal artists.

Crystal factories in Poland that supplied the Russian Tsars are still in operation. If you are lucky enough to know someone, you can visit the factories and see some of the old collections of forms hidden in the back rooms.

Today there are also many new small crystal factories producing fine Polish crystal.

And modern crystal artists have taken the basic crystal form and created some of the most elegant pieces of artwork that one would ever expect to see. Polish art crystal today can be seen in the embassies and residences of diplomats and political and business leaders all over Europe.

If you are considering crystal, Poland offers you many choices .

A very popular item among tourists coming to Poland are the colored crystal glasses. People particularly like the colored crystal wine glasses that come in sets of six with each wine glass of the set being a different color. That allows people to always remember which wineglass is theirs because they can identify it by color.

If you are interested in a unique gift or a corporate gift, then Polish art crystal is something much you might consider. Every piece is different and every piece is elegant. You can even get pieces made to your own specifications.

You can even get vases and bowls as tall as 1.8 m. When you travel to hotels around the world and see large crystal pieces you can be fairly well assured that they came from Poland. These pieces are favored by people who have large homes and need large decorative items.

Traditional crystal glasses vases and bowls are, of course, available. They in fact some of the worlds finest and are heavily exported all over the world.


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