Coronavirus Poland Update 18 March 2020

This is a summary of information about Coronavirus in Poland as of 20 March, 2020

238 Confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 5 dead in P{oland as of 17 March 2020.


After over two weeks of hospitalisation, the first individual to be diagnosed with coronavirus in Poland will soon go home, as he tested negative for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The University Hospital in Zielona Góra, where “patient zero” was undergoing medical treatment, announced the news on its Facebook profile. On Wednesday, the 66-year-old man will be released from the facility.


Poland’s Coronavirus Fight Exposes Healthcare Weakness – Analysis


Long Lines At Polish Borders – Trucks may transit Poland but not cars. 

A Lithuanian government delegation departed for Warsaw on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the return of stranded Lithuanians via Poland and the issue of growing queues of commercial vehicles on the border.


Meals For Doctors 

As Polish doctors treat people infected by the coronavirus, restaurants and people around the country have stepped in to make sure that they are well fed.


Polish medical students volunteer to help hospitals expecting crisis situations due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Students of the Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Jagiellonian University in Kraków have started to report their readiness to volunteer at the city’s hospitals. Their help will be needed as around 100 nurses and about 60 doctors of the University Hospital have been forced to stay at home to care for their children as schools have closed across the country.


Disinfectant Production

Poland’s largest fuel concern, PKN Orlen, said on Tuesday that due to the coronavirus epidemic it would produce 2.5 million litres of disinfectants in March, and an additional 4.5 million litres of the fluid in April.


Coronavirus Poland Update 18 March 2020
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