Sandomierz Poland

Things you should know about Sandomierz Poland.

Sandomierz Market Square

According to widely held opinion, Sandomierz, Poland is one of the most beautiful towns in Poland and is often compared to some of the more beautiful towns in Italy and France. Its history dates it before the 10th century. It was rebuilt in the 13th century after having been destroyed by the Tartar hordes that crossed Europe at that time.

Sandomierz is a fortified town on the road from Kiev to Prague. Even so, getting to the town take a little effort since it is not on the main highway. Many people pass the town because they do not know where to turn off.

Its white walls topped with red roofs and church steeples make it a beautiful picture taking opportunity.

Sandomierz is a beautiful place to visit. And when you do visit the city, there are some things that you want to see. Here is a brief of those things.

Visits to Sandomierz usually start with a visit to the museum in the Gothic House of Dlugoscz. Aside from the usual beautiful paintings and relics found in museums all over Poland, it has a stale roll of bread from the 17th Century period Swedish invasion of Poland and a lock of Napoleon’s hair.

The Cathedral has some very large and realistic historical paintings, some of which are controversial, and all of which are notable.

The Church of Saint James is claimed to be the oldest brick construction church in Poland. It is also one of the most visited attractions in Sandomierz and has a very interesting history. The monks of Sandomierz were slaughtered in this church by the invading Mongol hordes. It also has Poland’s only mummy on display. You can go to the church crypt and look through a glass window in a coffin and see the 300 year old mummy of an 18 year old girl who was the daughter of the leader of her province. Her mummy is still “fresh”, even after 300 years.

The town sits above a large network of natural vaults. In order to keep the town from sinking into them, the foundations of the buildings have been propped up in the vaults below them. In the process of doing the work necessary to save the town from falling into the vaults below it, a tourist route was created. You can tour the vaults under the town.

When the Tartars invaded Poland, a girl whose father was murdered, used these natural vaults to get revenge. She lured the Tartars into the vaults with the story that it was a secret way to get under Sandomierz defensive walls. But as it was, the villagers, as planned, walled up the vaults after all the Tartars and she were deep inside. And she got her revenge by taking them to their death with her.

In all, Sandomierz is a fascinating town with an interesting history and one that you will find very interesting indeed.

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