Lazy Poland On The Baltic

Lazy, Poland

Lazy Beach
Beach At Lazy Is Wide And Clean

A small town in Northern Poland on the Baltic Sea, Lazy Poland is a very popular place for Polish and German tourists who enjoy the beaches on the Baltic.

Lazy has Lake Jamno to the West, Lake Bukowo to the East and the Baltic Sea to the North. So it offers a lot to the angler and swimmer.

One generally gets to it by traveling East from Mielno and Uniescie.

And the road West stops in Lazy. From that point one must head south or use a bike to head West to Dabki, the town that is on the Western Shore of Lake Bukowo.

Baltic beach access at Lazy is fairly easy. The entrances are not paved so it can be a little difficult to traverse the sand entrances.

The town is nice, quite and even though it does have some of the tourist trap type stands, quite pleasant. It sum, it does not sport the tourist trap look of many of the Baltic Coast towns.

Because it is on the two lakes, you can find many places to fish. And there is a fresh water beach.

This video will give you some feel for Lazy and its beaches.

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