Eastern Europe

map of eastern Europe

In this page is an Eastern Europe Map.

Eastern Europe is a term that encompasses different countries, depending with whom you talk. This web site takes a broader view of what constitutes Eastern Europe. To see a map of East Europe and a list of the countries that this web site is considering as part of Eastern Europe, go to this link. Maps Of Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe can be defined by looking at maps which outlined the countries that are considered to be part of Eastern Europe. But to define Eastern Europe in terms of any comparison or tie to Western Europe is quite difficult. It is perhaps defined as a distinct way of life.

The older generation of today’s Eastern Europeans were generally dominated by the Russian Communists for years and that domination resulted in a unique effect on the cultures of those countries. Any semblance to the cultures of Western Europe was wiped out.

Going from Western Europe into Eastern Europe is like going into a new world.

Though the cities are modernizing rapidly and the fact that you can find some of the most modern hotels, shopping centers and business operations in the world, when you go to the countryside you can feel like you’ve gone into a museum. The attitude toward work, the thought process, and daily lives of the people in the Eastern European countries are is still a half century and more behind what is like what they are like in the cities.

And there is a significant difference in attitude between the people in Eastern Europe and Western Europe towards the world at large. Having only relatively recently been freed from the domination of the Russian Communists, they appreciate the importance of their freedoms and tend to be more aggressive in supporting the efforts of others who are interested in their own freedom.

There is a certain friction between the peoples of Western Europe and the peoples of Eastern Europe. Eastern European countries that have been admitted into the European Union are almost on a second level of membership. And when those people assert their rights under the European Charter and expect to be treated as a full European Union member, Western European countries are taken aback and criticize them.

Eastern Europe is the Old World of Europe. If you are interested in traveling back in time and seeing something different, come to Eastern Europe and go into the countryside. Take a chance and go to one of the agro tourism centers where you can see the old life in the old country.


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