Czestochowa Poland

About Czestochowa Poland and information about the Shrine with the Black Madonna.

Czestochowa, the industrial city with the Shrine of Jasna Gora, is located about 125 miles southwest of Warsaw.

Perhaps the main attraction for most people in Poland is the Shrine at which is housed the icon Black Madona in the Monastery of the Pauline Fathers.

Four to five million Roman Catholic pilgrims visit the Shrine every year. Included in that number are about 200,000 who participate in the annual pilgrimage by walking from their home cities. The pilgrimage lasts as many as 20 days.

Black Madonna in the Monastery of the Pauline Fathers. A large multitude makes pilgrimage to the Madonna with their thanks, pleas, and prayers, both in difficult and happy moments of their life. Down through the ages Częstochowa has become one of the main pilgrimage centres of the world. Every year the shrine is visited on average by 4-5 million pilgrims from as many as 80 countries from all over the world. A religious and social phenomenon, peculiar to Poles, is associated with the so called on-foot pilgrimage. It is estimated that over 200,000 pilgrims come to Częstochowa this way. The longest pilgrimage routes in Poland itself are over 600 km long and it usually takes pilgrims up to 20 days to cover that distance.

In the recent past the city was dependent on the state owned steel mill. As the Polish economy changed from command to private, the steel mill lost its importance. The City has not fully recovered from the loss.

Czestochowa has become a Christmas ornament manufacturing center with many small and large companies supplying world famous high quality Polish ornaments.

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