Boleslawiec Poland Directions to

Map and Directions to Boleslawiec Poland and how to find Polish Pottery Factories.

Boleslawiec lies in the Southwest corner of Poland. From within Poland, it is actually quite difficult to get to, even by car.

Boleslawiec Road Map

Here is a map that shows the location. It is west of Wroclaw and north of Dornoslaskie.

You can get there by road from all directions. And because of the heavy tourist traffic going into the area, if you get lost, it is easy to get directions from someone at a gas station, restaurant or any other roadside stop. But to help you plan, there are more specific directions in this page.
And here is an online map that you can use to navigate your way into Poland.

You are advised that if you are going to travel by car, you look at GPS systems and road atlases that you can use to make your travel easier.

Comments About Visiting Boleslawiec

Train connections are not the best. You will have to take a long cab ride from the closet train station to the city center.

There are many shops in Boleslawiec that offer Polish pottery and other unique Polish products.

Polish pottery Catalogs
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The factories are generally open weekdays. They are closed on all Polish national holidays and they may be closed around the holidays. If you plan a visit NEAR HOLIDAYS, you may be disappointed that many people are out of their offices and services are reduced. And that applies to the retail shops also.

Factories take visitors only by appointment. If you wish to buy wholesale quantities of Polish pottery, they will set an appointment with you.


Directions And Map

The factories are not located in the City Center. They are sometimes several kilometers outside the Center. It is best to get directions to them when you get into town. You can get directions from cab drivers, from the hotels and restaurants in town. These people depend on tourists and they freely give information, help and directions to tourists. They generally speak German and English fluently.

The city information center also has a visitors package and you can get a free map there when you get into town.

There are also some factories that are in other parts of Poland. It is the clay that really makes the products from the region unique. That is why the original factories located there. But now that transportation is cheap and fast, other companies bring the clay to their factories instead of opening factories in a labor short region. They make the same product with the same clay and with the same patterns. And, as a matter of fact, they make some new designs that many find extremely attractive.

There are excellent tourist accommodations in Boleslawiec.


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