Boleslawiwc Poland

About Boleslawiec Poland with information about Polish pottery and how to get there.

The City of Boleslawiec is in the South Western region of Poland called Dolnoslaski. It is the center of manufacturing of Polish pottery and Polish ceramics. Boleslawiec pottery and ceramics are world famous for their quality. The City has become a Polish tourist attraction because it has most of the factories in Poland that manufacture Polish pottery.

The region is the home to many factories. However, some of the towns that produce pottery are outside the city. Many tourists don’t get to visit those factories because they do not know how to get outside the City.

In Boleslawiec, shops dominate the center of the City. You may purchase Polish pottery retail at many of the shops. The often have patterns and pieces of pottery that you can’t get anywhere else.

To visit the factories you will need an appointment. They are very busy. Many people don’t get to visit the factories because the marketing managers do not have time to see them. It is very important to make an appointment to visit a pottery factory.

Boleslawiec has good local hotels. They are inexpensive and generally very nice. It is best to call ahead and make reservations.

You can also stay in some bed and breakfast locations as long as you make prior arrangements or know someone in the region.

You can get there by train, bus or car. This map will give you directions.

Boleslawiec is not that far from Warsaw, but it takes eight hours to make the trip by train because there is no direct connection. You take a round about tour of Poland when you go by train. It takes a long time.Many people go to Boleslawiec to buy pottery for resale. They expect that they can visit the factory directors and get factory direct prices. In order to prevent you from being disappointed, you should understand that the factory directors sell through major distributors. They do not keep inventory on hand. What you can buy is pottery that is bought locally and sold in local shops and what leftovers the factories have to be put in factory shops. So do not be disappointed if you go to a factory to see the director and you are not successful.

You are also cautioned about visits on holidays. The Polish people take their holidays and close the factories Easter, Christmas and many other holidays in the year. You must be careful to check what will be open before you travel. (Please note that we do not have information about what shops or factories will or will not be open on any given day.


You are advised that if you are going to travel by car, you look at GPS systems and road atlases that you can use to make your travel easier.

Boleslawiec Pottery Catalogs – Get a copy of the catalogs from the main factories in Boleslawiec by going to this link.



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