Best Way To Get To Auschwitz

Things you should know about what is the best way to get to Auschwitz.


There are rail, road and bus links to Oswiciem, the city in which the Auschwitz camp is located.

Like with anything else, the best way to get to someplace depends on the point from which you start. In this case, you should head for Krakow instead of the camp.


The visit to the camp will take the better part of the day. When you include travel time, a stay over is required.

Visiting the camp is not pleasant. You want to get away from it as soon as you can. We recommend you go to Krakow.

So when you are planning your trip there, it is best to travel to Krakow and then, the next day, travel to the camp.

Here is a map showing the location of Oswiciem. You can use it to find the best travel routes from your location to either Oswiciem or Krakow and then Oswiciem.



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