Boleslawiec Poland City Map

Things you should know about a city map for Boleslawiec Poland and how to get a paper edition.

The City is rather small so finding one’s way around it is rather easy.

In simple terms, those things of interest to most tourists are bunched around the Central Market Square.

Most of the Boleslawiec Polish pottery factory shops, with exception of one, are within a couple minutes walking distance of each other. And for those you really do not need a map to get to. They are in a well traveled area.

The significant difference is that the Manufaktura plant sits on a hill on the opposite side of the town square from all the others. And for that one you should have a map and should probably take a cab.

When you come to Poland we recommend that not only do you have a city map, you have a large road map that includes tourist information. When you get to Boleslawiec you can get free city maps almost everywhere. Your hotel or bed and breakfast will definitely have one.

Here are two maps. One is a copy of a paper map.

And the other is a google map that you can use on you mobil device.


You can save this image to your computer and print it. It will enlarge on the printer and server to get you started.


Here is information about Bed And Breakfast in Boleslawiec.

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