Boleslawiec Factory Tours

Information about touring Boleslawiec Polish pottery factories

The factories are not open to the general public for visits or tours. The factories do not have factory stores in Boleslawiec. (There is one factory store in Warsaw with a large but limited selection of pottery. A video is below)

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Factory visits at Boleslawiec Polish Pottery manufacturers are generally limited to proven wholesale buyers.

The City of Boleslawiec has many shops that sell pottery at good prices. You will have ample opportunity to find many nice pieces to add to your collection without a Boleslawiec factory tour.

A special note on shipping your newly purchased pottery: You will be on your own. The shops do not have shipping facilities. Shipping out of Poland is normally done via UPS or Polish Post. You will have to pack your pieces and deliver them to the drop point for each of these services. Be sure to check your shipping requirements and check with the shop keeper before you buy product to be shipped.

Factory visits and toujrs for wholesale buyers are generally limited to office meetings. Because of the heavy workloads at the factories, such visits must be scheduled in advance. Getting a last minute visit is often difficult. In some cases, established buyers who are repeat buyers may be granted a tour of the production facilities.

If you are interested in buying wholesale, it is best to understand the factory minimum order requirements and have some basic understanding of the shipping process before you schedule an appointment.

Since the factories generally publish their product offerings on the web, you are advised to assemble your order prior to the visit because you are not likely to be given time to sit and pick piece by piece. You should actually consider your visit as a time to deliver your order and to discuss specific issues.

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