Beaches On The Baltic Sea

Beaches On Poland’s Baltic Sea

Information and videos about Beaches in Poland. Included is information about where to stay and how to get to them.

The beaches on Poland’s Baltic Coast are for hardy souls. There is no doubt that they are beautiful in their own way. But the water is cold, the weather not comfortable and there is a nearly constant wind.

But then there are warm days with light breezes that make for enjoyable times.

The sands are clean and crews maintain them very well. The barrier dunes are cared for and protected. The people generally adhere to the rules in place for the beaches and protected areas. One sees very little alcohol on the beaches.

There are several nice nude beaches and there is so much open beach with private entrances that you can go nude all along the coast.

There are detailed descriptions of specific beaches, including nude beaches, with videos in this MasterPage.

Water temperatures in the Baltic during the warm season can be expected to be about 13 to 15 degrees centigrade or 55 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Air temperatures are generally in the high teens centigrade (mid sixties fahrenheit). Sometimes they venture into the low twenties (low seventies Fahrenheit).

And there is wind. A standard beach item is a wind screen to huddle behind to stay out of the cool/cold wind. And winter jackets are often necessary as well.

In this picture you see a woman who is peeking over the top of her windscreen. And another family with coats huddled behind theirs.

To someone who is used to going to a warm beach, this can be quite disconcerting. But for Polish people, it is quite the norm. It is a way of life.

Just be sure that you bring a coat.

The hotels in the area generally provide wind screens free to use. They are normally provided right in your room just as one provides water glasses.

Here you see the men wearing warm jackets. And note how the other groups are generally huddled up close to the sand dunes in order to cut down on the wind. Note, however, the woman is braving the wind for the warm sun.

In spite of everything, the Baltic is a popular vacation spot.

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