About Bazyliszek, the history of it and what it means.

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The word Bazyliszek comes from the greek word basiliskos. It is sometimes called the king of the snakes – a mitic creature, which apperas in the legends, tales stories. Last time people from the whole wrorld could hear about Bazyliszek beacause of J.K Rowling’s book- “Harry Potter”, in which the monster attacked the students in the school in Hogwart.

Bazyliszek is born from hen’s egg, may live long time. By another legends, Bazyliszek is creature which is born once for 100 years from rooster’s egg. He looks like a snake, is familiar to lizard. He can get to 15 miters long. Eats birds and mammals. He is a huge enemy of the spiders.

To be defended he uses cuspids, but generally he is known beacause of his eyes-: who looks into his eyes, becomes a stone. This fact had been used in the legends very often – a tricky character wanted Bazyliszek to look into the mirror to be dead. But it was invented by the people. The natural element that can kill Bazyliszek is a crow of rooster. In some notes Bazyliszek is similar to rooster or hen, and then it is called ” Kuroliszek”.

Bazyliszek was used by J.K.Rowling when she was writing ” Harry Potter”.In the poem, monster attacked students in the school. Bazyliszek also comes forward in fantasy book – ‘Forgotten Lands”.He is introduced there as big monster, hunting with its nails’s and glance’s look. He is able to be seen in wide-spread forrests. In books he apperas as a ” Kuroliszek”.

Also, he is a character of Terry Prachett’s book – ” The world of disc – Sorcery”, when he is killed by another character whose name is Bag.


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