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Arkadia Mall

About and how to get to the Arkadia Shopping Mall in Warsaw Poland.

The Arkadia Shopping Mall is one of the most popular shopping malls in Warsaw. It is the largest service, retail and entertainment center in Central Europe. In the mall are retail and service outlets, including boutiques, large stores and restaurants and cafes. The center of its entertainment center is a 15-screen Cinema City multiplex.

Due to its popularity a major expansion was done in 2017.

Arcadia is located somewhat on the outskirts of Warsaw but is very easily reached by car, tram, bus and bike. Travel from the Warsaw Centrum is easy and comfortable.

It is very popular among the Polish people because of a wide range of stores available and because of large number of restaurants and entertainment facilities available at the shopping mall.

Like most of the shopping malls in Poland, it is a gathering place for people to meet socialize in one of the several coffee shops. In addition to the coffee shops there are a good selection of international and Polish fast food shop and a very large court on one of the upper levels.

Here is a video presentation with more information.

Parking at shopping mall is very easy. There’s a large multi story short parking garage with convenient access and exit to all points around Warsaw.

If you come to Warsaw and want to go to a shopping mall and get good quality products, the Arcadia shopping mall is a fine choice. Polish people go there for the simple reason that there is a wide selection of quality products at fair prices. And there’s a lot to do their that can break up their shopping day.

Travel by tram is convenient and comfortable. Tram 35 at ul. Marszalkowsksa and Trams 33 and 17 at the Central Station are most convenient. Since it is located on a major tram junction, many other trams also go there.

For information about using the trams in Warsaw, go to this link that tells you about the trams and how to get tickets. Trams in Warsaw

Many people go there by bike. They use the popular Veturilo Bike Rental system. You can read about that here. Veturilo Bike Rental Service


Arkadia Shopping Mall Warsaw
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