Antique Market Warsaw

About the outdoor antique market in Warsaw, Poland.

antique market warsaw

The antique market in Warsaw, Poland is located in Kolo and is open on Sunday mornings. This page gives information about that market and tells you how to get to it.

The market is located at Obozowa 99, Warszawa, Poland .

There is a large selection of antiques to be had. As a point of fact, it is one of the main places that the antique shops in Warsaw get product to resell retail.

It is an outdoor market that opens very early in the morning. As early as 4 o’clock in the morning people start placing wares on the sidewalks around the market.

It is very easy to get there. There are tram and bus stops immediately in front of it.

The video below, in fact, shows you one of the trams just leaving the stop just in front of the entrance.

This is a fun place to visit, if not to buy, but just to watch the world go by on an early Sunday morning.

Here is a video that should give you a good feel for the inner workings of the Kolo antique market.

You might also be interested in the Flea Market that is not far away. There are few, if any, antiques, but it is a fun place to visit on the off chance that you might find something interesting among the cast offs.

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