How To Buy Amber

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How To Buy Amber Wholesale And Retail

Where and how to buy amber wholesale and retail directly from Poland.

Amber QuickLinks

To Buy Amber Wholesale, Click Here.

To Buy Amber For Personal Use, Click Here.

To Make Money Selling Amber On A Part Time Basis, Click Here.

Additional Comments About Buying Amber

First, as a matter of caution, always be sure that you are buying from a reputable supplier who sells only Baltic Amber -natural.

Watch this video about fake amber.

In order to encourage honesty by amber sellers, the international amber Association, Gdansk Poland, as issued Baltic amber classification guidelines. You can read those guidelines here.

You can also watch our series of videos on amber which videos contain a series of videos on how to test amber. Amber

Having said that, if you wish to buy Baltic amber for personal use or gifts, you may visit our online retail store at this link. PolandsBest

And if you are in business or considering starting a business, you can buy amber wholesale at this link. Wholesale Store


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