How To Buy Amber

How To Buy Amber Wholesale And Retail

Where and how to buy amber wholesale and retail directly from Poland.

Amber is a fantastic creation of Nature.  Because it is found in many places around the world, there are many different types. Each has its own unique characteristics.

And within each type there are many different forms and appearances.  For example, that which formed within a tree trunk looks different than those that formed on the bark or around the roots.

Natural Baltic Amber, found in the Baltic Countries and Russia, are unique because of their high content of succinic acid, an acid known for centuries to have medicinal value.

And because of its uniqueness, it is in high demand and expensive. And beautiful.

Where something is in high demand, expensive one can be sure to find those who will sell fakes. And when it comes to Natural Baltic Amber, selling imitation amber is HUGE business.

Resins with embedded insects, and jewelry of all kinds are standard imitations.   Even wholesale lots of stones are salted with fake amber stones.

Reputable Polish sellers are hurt by these frauds. It is a major concern to them.

In order to encourage honesty by amber sellers, the International Amber Association, Gdansk Poland, has issued Baltic amber classification guidelines. You can read those guidelines here.

But you have protect yourself, as well.

There are a couple things that you can do.

First, as a matter of caution, always be sure that you are buying from a reputable supplier who sells only Baltic Amber -natural.

The first sign of fraud is a low price no matter from whom and how you buy.

In tourist areas, proceed with extreme caution.  You are probably safer with the more expensive jewelry in the established brick and mortar stores as compared to the stands. HOWEVER, we have been in more than one store that sells imitations.

Online sellers are often good choices.  When you buy online, you get paypal and credit card guarantees.  Paying by bank transfer can be like throwing money down the drain.  Not always, but be careful. (Here is information about a reputable online seller that has been selling for a long time.  They guarantee their products.   PolandsBest   And contact them for wholesale pricing.)

And know what to expect. Read one or more of these books.  Start with the Amber Buyers Guide.

And watch the videos below.

guide to amber immitations
Guide To Amber Imitations
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Modern Amber Theraputics
Amber In Theraputics
Amber In Theraputics
amber buyers guide
Amber Buyers Guide





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