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Amber Chips For Medicinal Use

How to use Amber Chips create tinctures for use in natural cures for many ills.

The people of the Baltic Countries have a long history of use of Pure Natural Baltic Amber as a natural curative. And the amber chips that you see in the picture at the top left are the basic element of many treatments they have used over the centuries.

amber chips
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Pure, Natural Baltic Amber chips are high in Amber Acid (succinic acid) content. For very important background information about Amber Acid, that is the active ingredient in natural cures, read the information here. Succinic or Amber Acid

Over the centuries, Europeans have used the chips to make tinctures that they drink each day. The tinctures are beer, wine or alcohol based.

Here is a typical routine that is followed in Poland.

Crushed amber chips are soaked in pure, drinkable, alcohol. The resulting tincture of amber is added to water and drank each day.

The amber is not taken into the body. Only the tincture that is added to the water is consumed. The amber is filtered from the tincture and crushed again and a new tincture is made.

The daily does is 10 drops of tincture in a glass of water. People take an initial daily dose of the tincture for one month. After that they set their own routines based on how their body responds to the tincture treatment.

As a rather interesting side note, a commercial manufacturer has found that succinic acid helps cure a hangover. ( That was known in Europe centuries ago. ) So they use amber acid a medication they sell to those who are looking for a hangover cure.

The tincture recipe above is good for hangovers.

Amber chips are also used in aroma therapy treatments.

Since amber is a product of ancient pine trees, when heated, amber gives off a vapor with a unique aroma similar to burning wood in a fireplace. And the vapors carry with them the active ingredient, Amber Acid, that is inhaled as well as absorbed by the skin. You can read about Amber Aroma therapy at Using Amber And Aroma therapy

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Here is more information about Polish Amber

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