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About complementary alternative medicine and natural cures in Eastern Europe.

amber chips
Amber Chips Are Versatile Health Aids.

The people of Eastern Europe have a long history in using natural medical cures. Though they are often called alternative medical cures, in practice for many centuries, and for some today, they are mainstream techniques. They are first level complementary medicines in Europe.

Poland is the source of two natural products that are known the world over for their medical benefits. The first is a unique deposit of salt and the second is Natural Baltic Amber that has properties unlike any other amber in the world. Both these products are used by medical practitioners as well as local folk who know them as excellent bases for home remedies.

Poland is the destination for many tourists that come to Poland for treatment at the Wieliczka Salt Mine. They visit for many reasons with a primary reason being treatment for asthma. And those who are unable to come to Poland for salt treatment often choose to use salt lamps made of Rock Salt crystals that come from the ancient deposits around the country.

In this page we have some links that discuss specific alternative medicine cures that are popular in Poland. They primarily focus on the curative powers of amber and salt.

It is also rather interesting to note that traditional Chinese cures are being used more and more in Poland. The Chinese have long been users of Polish amber for their herbal medicines. And now their medical practices have been imported to Poland. We have some information about that in a page below.

Succinic or Amber Acid

Succinic Acid is another name for Amber Acid that has been used in Europe as a natural antibiotic and general curative for centuries.

Amber Chips And Their Use As A Natural Cure

The people of the Baltic Countries have a long history of use of Pure Natural Baltic Amber as a natural curative. And the amber chips that you see in the picture at the top left are the basic element of many treatments they have used over the centuries.

Amber Tincture Recipe

This is a centuries old Polish recipe for a home remedy.

Amber Oil

One of the most valued derivatives of pure, natural baltic amber, amber oil is a prized possession of those who know where they can find it.

Amber Cures

To make it easy for you to continue your research, we have listed information about the various ailments that Experienced based and Alternative medicine practitioners treat with amber or amber derivatives. This is a list only and this list is provided only for you to do your own research.

About Amber Powder

Amber powder derived from Pure Natural Baltic Amber is high one of natures own cures – succinic or amber acid. And it has been shown to be a very effective cure at that.

About Amber Aroma therapy

Amber (Latin Succinum) has a long and proven history of being a valuable natural medicine that has been used to cure many ills.

The Wieliczka Salt Mine

One of the more famous tourist attractions in Poland, the Wieliczka Salt mine is actually a dual purpose facility. People go to the mine first to admire the beauty and art cut into the extensive salt chambers. Secondly they go there to benefit by being exposed to the curative powers of salt ion laden microclimate in the salt chambers below.


You get daily treatment, 7 hours per day, in the unique scenery of the Lake Wessel Salt Chamber. It is located 135 meters underground and is well equipped with physical therapy equipment.

Asthma Cure Information

Summary of this Asthma Cure Page – Asthma cure in Eastern Europe is very dependent upon traditional alternative medicine procedures. Asthma cures in Eastern Europe existed long before the modern medicines had inhalers available to suppress symptoms.

Salt Lamps Might Be Helpful In Curing Asthma

If you know of someone who has asthma, you might tell them about this article.

About Asthma Cure in Eastern Europe

Alternative medicine approaches to Asthma cure in Europe provide some opportunities for you to get help that you cannot get in other places.

Natural Asthma Cures

Asthma plagued ancient man just as asthma and plague modern man. And, naturally, finding an asthma cure was important as well. In the beginning people learned about various cures by accident. The cures that they stumbled upon were natural and all a result of nature.

Alternative Medicine Books

We also recommend strongly that you study the ins and outs of alternative medicine cures by reading good books on the topic specific to your interest. You can find some here.

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