About Visiting Poland

About A Travel Visa to Visit Poland

What you need and what you have to do to get a visa to Poland

Krakow, Poland

If you are going to visit Poland you will be required to have satisfied the visa requirements that are in place for your country.

You should check with the Polish embassy in your country to confirm the current requirements.

If you are interested in visiting Poland for business purposes we make the following comments:

If you are interested in purchasing Polish products and want to come to Poland to look at sample products, we recommend strongly that rather than spending the money on traveling to and from Poland plus the other money that you would spend on hotels and related expenses, you order samples from the company or companies in question. You will then have product in hand that you can use to test your local market. And you can always sell that product and recover some or all of your costs.

Travel and hotel cost, in comparison, are not recoverable.

In short it makes no economic sense to come to Poland to see the samples. And as such Polish factories generally view a request from someone wishing to come to Poland to visit the factory and see the samples with a great deal of skepticism and do not issue letters of invitation.

If you want a letter of invitation from a specific factory, you are going to have to give some firm guarantee of making a purchase from the factory. That generally requires a non refundable cash payment in advance for an order that you wish to inspect prior to delivery. Without a cash guarantee you’re likely to not get a letter of invitation.

You are best advised to contact your own embassy in Poland and the Polish Embassy in your country and discuss with them what you must do to get a visa to Poland.

If you are just interested in visiting Poland on a tourist visa, please contact the Polish embassy in your country directly and apply there.

We do not issue letters of invitation, do not assist in getting them and do not know anyone who does.

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