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About Poland

All about Poland in over 3,000 video and text pages with facts about Poland. Updated daily.

This page is about Poland. It has been online since 1995 and the staff has been collection facts about Poland every day since then and publishing information in the form of videos, news and text.

Poland is a fascinating country. It is a unique and dynamic country that is really the combination of many cultures. There are traditional, new, rural and city cultures. And they are all covered by this site.

This MasterPage gives you many different perspectives about life in Poland and presents it to you in many different ways. For example, there is a large, and continually updated, collection of videos showing daily Polish life, news, commentary and answers to the many questions about Poland that we get from people who are interested in Polish business, culture and travel.

This site has hundreds of videos showing Poland as it is. You are invited to visit Poland Videos.

We cover the country – the entire map – from north of Gdansk to south of Krakow (alternatively spelled Cracow) and from Poland’s Eastern to Western borders. You can get copies of maps to make your trip more comfortable and keep updated with the news and weather.

And then once you get here, you can find things to do. To make it much more informative for you, we present information with pictures and videos.

For Polish Product information, go to the Poland Import Export Chamber of Commmerce Online.

For other business matters related to Poland, go to Poland Business

For information about Polish amber and jewelry, go to Natural Baltic Amber

For Unique Hand Made Gifts and Wholesale Polish Products

Of course, social activities are in the forefront of many visitor’s minds. So, in direct response to many queries asking for help, there is a European and Polish dating section that is probably without match on the web.

Polish food is not only of interest to the traveler, but also for those who enjoy cooking. So included is a section with Polish recipes. And many of them are in video format.

For those of you who are interested in coming to Poland and making the most of your time, we have included a bit about Polish history so that you do have a better understanding of what you will see, but more importantly we have included many videos of what it is like now. It is our opinion that this current information about Poland is what the tourist wants so that one can better plan things to see.

Actually our videos are tourism oriented so that you can best chose the best places to visit, places to shop, and in particular, a lot about Boleslawiec pottery including where to buy it retail and how to visit the city of Boleslawiec.

Your entry point to the country is likely to be Warsaw. So there is a lot on how to get from the Okecie Airport, just outside the City, to the Warsaw Centrum and the train station, Dworzec Centralna and then to points beyond such as the Poznan Trade Fair or Auschwitz.

Information from everything to buying plane and train tickets and finding lodging, be it a hotel or a bed for the night – even, for those backpacking across the country, without breakfast included.

There are two news services that we update daily. One is for European news and the other Polish news – in English.

This site is large. In fact, it grew so large that we had to break it up into some very focused sections and put them in new sites. Regardless, you can find the main points by looking at the navigation bar. And for the details about Poland, use the search box. It will take you across the spectrum of our sites.

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